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Daishsat is the leading provider of GPS positioned gravity surveys in Australia,
having surveyed in excess of 1,000,000 gravity stations over the last 16 years since the introduction of precision GPS techniques to the exploration industry.

Daishsat began in 1992 as a precision GPS surveying company. Technical excellence, innovation, data quality and reliability of service to its clients have been its hallmarks since inception.

Originally completing geodetic GPS control surveys throughout Australia, the company quickly developed and utilised high production, precision kinematic GPS surveying techniques for geophysical survey applications, in particular providing cm level horizontal and vertical data for gravity survey stations.

The company has since developed an impeccable reputation for ground and helicopter borne gravity surveys and is now the leading provider of gravity survey's within Australia, surveying well over 1,000,000 GPS positioned gravity stations over the last few years.

Along with high quality gravity surveys, the company completes precision GPS geodetic control surveys for a variety of applications.

The company has offices in South and Western Australia and is offering it's gravity and precision GPS surveying services to clients around the globe who value experience, quality of service and a proven track record.

The company is highly experienced in the provision of ground geophysics and GPS geodetic survey services. In fact, company personnel were directly responsible for some of the earliest attempted GPS positioned gravity surveys. These gravity surveys utilised kinematic GPS techniques to survey gravity stations to cm accuracy and were highly successful, leading to the acceptance of the technique in Australia.

Since the introduction of the kinematic technique, the company has been successfully completing small and large-scale gravity, ground magnetics and GPS geodetic projects for private and government organisations throughout Australia. We have successfully completed surveys for some of the largest exploration companies in the world such as BHP, Rio Tinto and Western Mining Corporation and regularly work on exacting government contracts. A hallmark of how we do business is that once a company uses our services, we are rarely not utilised on the next project.

Experience in the techniques we market, along with a track record in successful surveys ensure that we will be able to meet and exceed all reasonable client expectations.

Why use us for your next gravity survey?
Why use us for your next gravity survey when other bigger geophysical companies have offices all over the world and conduct many types of different geophysical techniques? Well, ever heard the saying - "jack of all trades master of none". Gravity surveys are our main activity and we do it well. By just specializing in gravity surveys we are not distracted by other techniques and our staff are highly experienced as they are completing gravity all the time.

The company has developed and applied rapid production techniques for helicopter borne gravity, vehicle gravity and foot borne gravity in rugged and heavily vegetated terrain. Our ground gravity crews often survey in rugged terrain and we regularly have daily production rates above industry standards. We can do this by management having a can do attitude, motivated field staff along with excellent techniques, the latest equipment and an ongoing policy of betterment and self improvement by everybody in the company.

The company own and operate a fleet of over 30 specialist 4wd vehicles, 2 helicopters and a Cessna fixed wing aircraft for crew changes and logistical support. Clients can be assured of rapid service and support.

So if your company or organization want a technically excellent gravity or GPS survey completed safely, economically, professionally with a minimum of fuss, don't hesitate to contact us and we will make it happen for you.